Learn why to make your own website?

Learn why to make your own website?
Self-made website makes you can take full advantage of the functions of the website to work, you do not want to have to edit or add any function to call the designer that they still lazy the week fixed. for you.

Many other functions of the website support the marketing work quite good that if you do not do it yourself will not apply, and if you go to ensure that you will meet more than 70% of the “do not mind”, done According to the original demo, it is not advisable to attach any tools, use them, etc.

Especially those you make money online (like yourself) is “must know to make a website”, if you rent the web site as if they are holding your money site (website), then your site If you make a high profit then your property is not guaranteed.

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For example, my blog is made of WordPress:

Also, if you own a website, you only need to spend a small initial cost. If you rent, in the long run you lose a lot of money, if you do not know anything, the designer will have to spend their hosting money by the year is quite expensive, which you do not know is possible. buy outside with cheaper price.

There are a number of tutorials on how to make a website using WordPress, which is from hundreds to millions, committed to the website. The truth is that the knowledge or tutorials to make wordpress you can find on the net without fees, such as instructions that you are prepared to read.

You see, there are a whole bunch of reasons you have to know your own website, which is good for you.

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Make Money Online With Website Development
Make money online is trend, in the article 12 forms of make money online prestige, I mentioned a lot of forms required to know the website, mainly in two directions:

Free traffic: Make a website, you direct visitors from the search engine by SEO skills, or from social networking => Customers to read the website then decide to buy goods through the website.
Paid traffic: Make a website, you can direct visitors from advertising (Facebook ads, Google Ads, …) => Customers to your website and purchase through your website.
Whatever the direction, the benefits of the website is enormous. If you do well, the value of your website will increase day by day. After this, for any reason you do not want to do anymore, you can resell the website at high prices.

Some of you do nichesite or authority site now sell a site several thousand to tens of thousands of usd …. as a meal. And I repeat one thing “make the website extremely easy”. This article will show you this.

For example, Ninhdon’s blog is made of WordPress and she has a pretty good source on this blog.

Learn the basics of website design
If you study or do intensive, there are a lot of concepts that you have to learn, but I know that you are new, do not know the website, so you just need to catch the following three memories is enough:

WordPress: Being open source helps you to develop website, you will make your website on this platform, the trend is now home to wordpress, people who wordpress, simple reason is it’s optimized, many interfaces are available you do not need. Knowing this code, the large user community and especially many third party developers bring many great benefits and functions to your website.
Many of you asked me not to use blogspot for saving, I explained in the article: Should choose WordPress or Blogspot to make website. In short, you can make a nonprofit website, play the game, you can choose blogspot, and if you do to make money, be competitive with your opponent should choose WordPress (Blogspot can also be very good but right. know programming)

Hosting: To build a website, you first need to have hosting, hosting a lot of functions, but you just understand that hosting is the place to store all the data for your website. As your website is a home, hosting is a piece of land. Hosting, you have to buy new, also have free hosting but it is very limited and slow, not stable, should not use.
Domain: A domain name, which has the .com, .net, .org,. For example, kiemtiencenter.com is a domain, google.com is also a domain, …
The definition of the concepts I give is not complete but I want you to understand that is, you want to know more detailed definition of each concept can google to find more.

Should use a shared host, VPS or a dedicated server?
First you want to make a website to invest in hosting “optimize” and “professionalize” your work as well as full control of your website.

If you hire someone else for your website, then you are 100% sure that they will make you buy their hosting, some of the cheapest host computer services that take millions of dollars every year, not to make money website.

There are three types of hosting for you to choose:

Dedicated Server: It’s a physical server and you have full control over the server. The rent is expensive and difficult to use, not suitable for newbies.
Virtual Private Server (VPS): Also the private server however is not the physical server, but the virtual server that was born by the physical server. You still have full access to this virtual server, but it’s also hard to use with newbies, only when you reach the mid-level.
Shared host: This is a hosting generated by a separate server, and in this server a shared host is created such as A, B, C, D, etc. If you are using A then B, C, D are your neighbors. Although sharing the parent server, the data is separate. Shared hosts are easy to use with newbies, this is the kind of host you recommend at the beginning
Join the new user should use shared hosting, when hard hands, have great results and then switch to VPS or Sever separate.

Okie all of the basic knowledge you have already learned, I will start moving through the main part is to guide you to make a WordPress website from A-Z

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Step 1: Start buying shared hosting & domain
Shared hosting providers have hundreds of thousands of places, but they are not always reputable, quality services, stable drop rates, good support, and new people are interested in that price. physical.

In the middle of a selection forest, you do not know which vendor to use and also no manual. So I will always have instructions for you, please click on the below to select:

The cost of hosting you can see is not worth the price, for example with Godaddy you only cost $ 1 / month. With the other vendors only a few hundred thousand for the first year (you can choose to pay by the month)

The hosting investment is absolutely right, because you can not compete with other competitors when they choose to pay and you choose free, so it is not good at all.

Domain is much simpler, in the tutorial hosting you also have domain instructions always! Please come back here read when you have fully prepared hosting & domain.

Step 2: Connect the domain – hosting together.
Your website only runs when and only if domain and hosting are connected, to do this you have to:

Add domain to host (operation on the management interface hosting)
Pointing IP or DNS from domain to host (Manipulating domain settings)
Hosting you buy a long time, domain name later you do how many websites that buy domain name, domain price is also quite cheap, sometimes very cheap discount code

Basically, the domain and hosting connections are made easy, many steps but very easy to implement. Corresponding to the 3 hosting you recommend, will also have three instructions to install WordPress corresponding as follows:

Step 3: Install WordPress for your website
After your domain and hosting are connected, you can start building your website, you are building a website on WordPress platform, you need to install this platform on the site first, the installation This can be done in two ways:

Automatic installation: Almost all hosting now has automatic settings for WordPress and you just have to install it in a few simple steps.
Manual installation: You can also manually install WordPress using Filezilla FTP or similar software
Similarly, I will guide you to install WordPress with 3 most intuitive tutorials:

After you have completed the installation of wordpress, you can see your website has been running and basically you have created a website, you can create hundreds of websites by the same.

Everything will become simpler as you follow your steps, not to complicate matters by the steps above and next you almost have support tools.

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Step 4: Choose the theme for your site (themes)
Your website is built on open source WordPress, so the third party will create millions of available, partially free, paid interface. WordPress itself also has a free interface store. And pay that fee that you can choose to suit the purpose of your website. We make the website seem to have only the following main purposes:

Make news website
Make website sales
Make your own blog, write your knowledge, like kiemtiencenter.com
Make your own service.
For different purposes you have to choose the right interface, and the interface manufacturer can meet 100% of your needs. The theme will be divided into two categories

Free: The interface is simple, less features, suitable for making private blogs, sharing knowledge, blogs, … You use for free
Paid: Full of features suited to your needs, plenty of choice for you. You must pay a fee to use
In particular you are the coder can learn to do WordPress interface, make other people or sell on the theme market, for example famous blog about affiliate marketing

Step 5: Install the basic WordPress plugin
WordPress Plugins are tools that have separate features, which in the WordPress source code will not integrate. Just like themes, the WordPress Plugin has two types of paid and free. To learn more about WordPress, please go through these two in-depth articles:

What are WordPress plugins and popular plugin groups
10 WordPress plugins should be used by newbies
So this tutorial will only stop you from creating a wordpress site, this job is pretty basic and anyone can do it. After completing the site, you will have quite a lot to do with it, for example:

Content development
SEO Optimization Onpage
Modify the interface to suit your needs
Paste more features of WordPress
… ..
The content will not include this tutorials, but I will update the guide gradually, you can find new content in the coming time in the self-study guide WordPress in his blog.

Wish you success, if any errors in the practice, please comment below, I will reply to comments in 24 hours.