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Aruna includes all the essential features you need to make a popular content sharing website that has the potential to go viral.

These useful features include a bookmarking system to ensure your visitors can find their favourite content when returning to your site, front end posting forms for a seamless user experience, and plenty of social sharing features to help your readers spread the word about your great content.

The developers of the Aruna theme claim it takes just 10 seconds for a user to share a new piece of content and upload it to your site. This means there is nothing in the way to stop your site becoming the number content sharing destination for your target audience.

This minimalistic, fast loading content sharing WordPress theme features a clean and flat design that ensures your content stands out on the page, no matter what device it is being viewed on, from desktop wide screens, through to smartphone small screens.

If you want a theme with a strong focus on user experience, with features such as keyboard navigation and smart loading content, Aruna is the one for you.

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UpVote has been created to help you build your very own Reddit-style, content sharing website.

The clean and modern design of UpVote will ensure that your website not only loads as quickly as possible but also has the right look and feel to entice your visitors to sign-up and start interacting with your content. Through the theme customization options, you can easily modify many aspects of your website. This includes the color choices, layout options, and more.

It’s also very easy for your visitors to sign-up and start adding their content to your site. Thanks to the social login feature, they can instantly sign-up using their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts. Once logged in, as well as submitting stories, they can also vote other user’s content up or down to increase or decrease its visibility. Logged in users can also leave comments for the rest of the community. All of this interaction takes place through front-end submissions forms, rather than having users navigate their way around the WordPress admin dashboard.

To help simplify the content sharing process, UpVote includes a custom-built plugin that will automatically fetch content from any URL that is submitted. This content includes the post title, featured image, and description from the link that’s been shared.

With UpVote, your visitors will have no trouble joining your community and sharing their content with like-minded individuals.


Cube is ideal for sharing any kind of content, from posts and images, through to audio and video.

The front end submission forms prevent you and your community from having to interact with the WordPress admin interface when it comes to adding new content. Users can also register using their Facebook accounts, which is another way of removing friction which could otherwise prevent them from taking the time to sign up and share content.

Once a user shares a new piece of content through the front end publishing forms, their contribution is saved as a draft to allow you to review it before publishing it or rejecting it.

The Cube content sharing theme includes four homepage layouts, and the premium Slider Revolution plugin is included, saving you the price of that plugin, while also allowing you to add some impressive image and content sliders to your website.

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Cube is fully responsive and retina ready to ensure it looks great on a wide selection of devices and their varying screen sizes. The theme also comes with two skins, giving you a choice of looks for your site.

If you want a flexible and cleanly designed content sharing theme for WordPress then why not check out Cube.


Katla and its intuitive user interface aims to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to share their content on your website.

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If you choose Katla, your visitors will never need to use the default WordPress post editor to submit their content. Instead, they can add content using the purpose built front-end submission form included in this theme. This feature helps to make this entire process much more streamlined and friction-free.

As the website administrator, you’ll be able to easily pick up these post submissions through the WordPress admin area. From there, you’ll be able to review them, and make any necessary changes, before publishing or rejecting them. Thanks to the email notification system of Katla, you’ll know as soon as a new piece of content has been added to your website.

To help build a community around your content sharing website, each of your users get their own profile page. Through their profile area, they can quickly see all the content they’ve shared, as well as which articles they’ve voted up or down. To encourage visitors to sign-up and become users, this theme includes a social login feature that allows visitors to join your community, using their account on any of the top 20 social networks.

Katla has many of the features found in the most popular content sharing websites to help make your project a success.

Me Gusta

Me Gusta! is a popular content sharing theme for building a community site with the potential to go viral on the social networks.

One of the most user friendly aspects of this theme is the advanced keyboard shortcuts in place which make it very easy for your readers to navigate the content on your site. By using the keyword navigation, users can scroll through the posts, comment on them, jump to a random post, and even like a post, all by simply clicking on a single corresponding key. If you want to decrease your site’s bounce rate, and increase page views, then Me Gusta! makes it easy to do so.

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The theme also includes lots of tagging and marking options for rating your content including a NSFW marker for those visiting your site at work, and the ability to force users to register to see that content. Me Gusta! also includes front end posting and submissions to simplify the content sharing process.

If you want a tried and tested WordPress content sharing theme then this one is well worth a closer look.

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