Impressive numbers
357509 customers during the last 5 years
109 themes include free themes and free themes with a variety of themes
29 plugin for website building work is more effective
438000 hours of tireless customer support and keep going
2 million downloads in April 2017
Impressive but that is not enough to convince you can enter the number of his secret. You know that Hoang will continue to take you to the next value.

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The criteria that made the brand of Mythemeshop
Customer is most important
The product is always the latest
Change to integrate
Simple yet sophisticated design
Support anytime, anywhere
Solve your troubles
Have a competitive advantage over all competitors, including your customers, too.
It is easy to say who is not! So you should look at the following theme to self-assess the true value that MTS brings.

The wordpress themes are appreciated in MTS
With the themes that MTS released they always check carefully, limiting the unexpected error, making it easy for customers to experience when buying products.

They have an hourly team of testers to help you solve problems. Your job solves your problem.

You have some understanding of what MTS brings right then! If not, then I have to use the last shot!

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Advantages and disadvantages at Mythemeshop

Good page load speed (cached combination is always boss)
Theme compatible with built-in plugins as well as 3rd party plugins (easy to install without crash)
Multilingual support, WPML compliant (Do not be afraid of page language bothering you)
Built-in Schema (Support for more efficient SEO development)
Support the Responsive (The thing is but it will be a little different, you just test on the phone test)
SEO (quite effective support, good development structure, clear)
1 Click Demo (suitable for you feet wet at the beginning)
Supports good security, avoiding unwanted vulnerabilities
30 days can not be refunded
Have video support installation instructions
There is a forum support you from A to Z
Support manager to help you easily manage and configure the site

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Mythemeshop has many advantages but disadvantages not less.

Although themes support SEO, but that is not enough, a lot of lack of control need to install SEO plugin theme such SEO Yoast.
Some themes include too many unnecessary plugins, resulting in slow theme loading. If you do not know how to configure it, then it is very easy to slow down your site like a turtle.
Some of the paid themes of MTS sometimes do not equal a free theme. Only insiders understand. But not many.
The tutorials are quite confusing for newcomers, if you do not read carefully, you will not know what to do. Therefore, MTS also has more intuitive video tutorials. But only partially overcome.
Sometimes the design theme is too simple, will be a danger.
The confusion of the discount advertising, if there are no referrals, you will have to buy the theme for high prices.
It can be seen that a theme provider has its own advantages and disadvantages not only Mythemeshop. Therefore, you have to evaluate yourself, and to be objective evaluation, the use and experience is the most important.

With the information provided above, you will have a look at who has used and experienced the theme of Mythemeshop. However, a person’s mind may be a good idea, a good person, a bad person, but at some point, the current assessment gives you a better overview than before. buy mythemeshop wordpress theme.

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Theme fee of MTS
Over time, you can buy Mythemeshop themes for $ 29-59 theme, $ 87 price for all 93 themes and more than 19 plugins. Give out a wordpress theme at Mythemeshop for just $ 1 (23.000 VND) / theme only.

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